07 September 2003

The Wrath of Conchita

Every year, we have a retreat at this great mansion off campus. Ghost stories about the place are a dime a dozen, so it's always an interesting experience to play "Murder in the Dark." Several of the stories are about a housemaid named Conchita, who died under mysterious circumstances. According to the stories, she and the Master of the House were having an affair, and his wife had Conchita disposed of. However she perished, there is an eerie portrait of Conchita in the room she is said to have died in (or fallen from), and if you disturb her portrait in any way, she will haunt you or cause bad things to happen to you. Also, if you sleep in that bedroom, supposedly she'll visit you in the night.

Our retreat was themed after Scooby Doo. Raggy! Relp! Ra Rhost!! It was very fun, but some of our clues were hidden behind her portrait. And just as Freddy was telling us whodunit and why, he turned and noticed a Fire in the Library! So we had to "Break Glass in Case of Emergency," call the Fire Department, AND Campus Security. Watching the Fire Truck come up the fancy curved driveway was an amazing sight.

We figured that it's the Wrath of Conchita. Someone disturbed her portrait, so she had to punish us by sending electrical fires. The caretaker who normally is in the house next door wasn't there for whatever reason, so if we hadn't been there, the place probably would have gone down.

She wanted to burn the place down, and she would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for us meddling kids and our director named.... Dr. Ed!!!

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