17 May 2010

Prayer Request

Would you please keep in your prayers S. and T., siblings who have just lost their father? They lost their mother several years ago. T. is 30, but S. is only 15. Their father's live-in girlfriend has run off and abandoned S., and T. does not have a stable enough job to support a younger sibling. It is hoped that S.'s godparents will be willing to step up to the plate, but so far they have been reluctant. Also, S. has not always made good choices in friends, possibly partly because of being motherless. Hopefully being totally orphaned now will not contribute to further poor choices.

This is a tough situation for S. and T. and we are all very concerned about them.

Please also keep me and my husband in your prayers. We are job-hunting, and if one or both of us get jobs we will be in the market for a new place to live as well (if jobs are not forthcoming, we'll have to live with family for a while).