29 August 2008


We're all painfully aware that a lot of priests don't have the guts to tackle certain issues (especially so-called "pelvic" issues) from the pulpit.

I'd just like to send kudos to Msgr. George Parnassus of St. Victor's parish for the homily he gave last Saturday evening. He made it very clear that Catholics cannot support same-sex marriage. "I am telling you this not for my own enjoyment, or because I do not love you--I know it is difficult--but because I have an office to uphold. I must teach you what the Church teaches." Not words you would hear in many places in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

The homily had a special impact because of the location of the parish, as well. St. Victor's is in West Hollywood, which has been a famously gay neighborhood for about thirty years.