20 February 2009


On Monday morning I woke up with a very bad sore throat and body ache. I immediately thought that it wasn't the flu--I had flu in November, and a cold last month, and this was a much worse sore throat, not accompanied by post-nasal drip. I saw the doctor Tuesday morning, she instantly diagnosed strep throat, did a throat culture (which I never heard the results of), prescribed amoxicillin and suggested a pain reliever/fever reducer as well.
Wednesday, the sore throat started to go away, but I started to have a hacking, dry cough, and by that evening my nose was running as well. Today I have a horrible cough, insistently congested nose, and on-and-off mild fever. I know it's not exactly the worst illness ever, but it's weird because I was really sure I didn't have flu and now it looks an awful lot like flu, except that it's progressing much more slowly than most flus I've had. I mean, not getting a stuffy nose until three days in?

On Tuesday evening, my 86-year-old grandmother fell and broke her hip. She's had surgery, and seems to be recovering ok, but I'm having trouble getting any more information than that out of my parents. My mom actually admitted that she and my grandfather had never spoken to the surgeon--which indicates to me how upset they are by this situation. They must be really worried if they're not up front demanding answers.

To top it off, on Wednesday evening, my husband got into a minor fender-bender in my car. And I have comprehensive exams in six weeks.

It's all pretty minor, everyday stuff in the long run, but it's combining to stress me out. Prayers would be much appreciated.

12 February 2009

Musicology Quotes Part 15 (or thereabouts)

"The rondeau: the earliest-known 'green' musical form!"

On the excesses of postmodernist musical pluralism:
"It's like the bad school cafeteria, where chicken, bell pepper, onion, and rice can become Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Hawaiian, or Indian food just by adding one more ingredient."