27 October 2004

Heard recently:

"You'd better keep Jane away from Morihiko. If he sees her, he'll fall in love with her feet." --Liz, symphony violinist

"Hypomixolydian sounds like what happens when modes inbreed." --Kevin, music history prof.

A conversation in orchestration class:
Fr. Waters: "Why did God allow transposing instruments?"
Me: "Maybe He plans to bring greater good out of that evil later."
Rajiv: "What good could possibly come out of transposing instruments?"
Fr. Waters: "People tend to pray more when writing parts for them."

"It's pure Jesus-logic." --Fr. Spitzer

"He touched a pig? Now he's got pigness on him forever!" --Fr. Spitzer

12 October 2004

The Metro, Tourists and Stained Glass

Today I took the Metro to the Cluny museum to buy some books, but I took the wrong exit, which put me right next to Notre Dame. The square was full of camera-weilding tourists, of course, visiting the best known Cathedral in the world. I smirked, glad I wasn't in the ridiculous herd of tourists circling the church.

After I bought my books, I wandered back to the Seine, not really knowing why, (since the nearest Metro Station was the opposite direction) and once again I found myself face to façade with Notre Dame de Paris. Before I knew what was going on, I was in the same herd of pilgrims I had scoffed at earlier, like a little lost sheep looking for her shepherd.

Notre Dame has changed since I last visited. The work on the façade is finished, and the horrible wall which separated the choir from the transept is gone, so it's now possible for the congregation to see that fabulous statue of the Assumption. I was a real tourist today, and I even visited the Treasury, a small exhibit of books, vestments, statues and more reliquary crosses than I have ever seen before, including an incredibly huge one donated by Napoleon I.

If you stand in the middle of the transept and look up, you will see an amazing keystone of Mary holding the Child and surrounded by golden stars. Notre Dame is like that; there is always something new to discover. It's astounding to think of how many pilgrims have walked the same path I have inside the church. The steps and tiles in the floor are all worn from 900 years worth of love.

I couldn't help thinking, not for the first time, how incredibly lucky I am that I can just wander into Notre Dame de Paris on a rainy Tuesday afternoon.

04 October 2004

Blessed Charles of Austria

Yesterday, Karl, Holy Roman Emperor, was beatified in Rome by Pope John Paul II. Here is the beatification web site. Many thanks to the Old Oligarch for the link.