28 September 2005

Heard on Campus
Two professors emerged from the Religious Studies building and greeted a third professor. To the third professor, one of the first two said, "Where were you? We were looking for you. You were the Lost Sheep."
The third professor replied, "Well, you've found me. Do we need to go back for the other ninety-nine?"

25 September 2005

Since So Many Other People Did...

I took the Ok Cupid Politics test. Now, I am not very interested in politics. If I am in a room where people are talking politics, I generally sit mute in the corner, or just leave. I ask my dad (who is interested in these things) enough questions to decide how I want to vote, and that's about it.

So, I scored as Totalitarian. Economic Liberal, and Social Conservative. On the graph with the pictures of famous people, my little circle is wedged between JP2's cross and Darth Vader's helmet. Interesting choice of people to put in the same quadrant, along with Bin Ladin and Stalin--what does this say about their view of JP2?

19 September 2005

"Drink Up, Me Hearties, Yo Ho"

That's right, today be International Talk Like A Pirate Day. For all us Land-lubbers, it's a fabulous excuse to go around saying things like "Avast," "Go Walk the Plank," and the ever-popular "Arrr, matey!" So go to their website for pictures, info, and Pirate Phrase Lists, for the pirate talk-challenged.

And apparently my Pirate Name is Dirty Jenny Cash.

17 September 2005

Requiescant in Pace

A friend just told me that four seminarians at Mundelein were in a car accident a few days ago, and two of them have died. They were from the Diocese of Kansas City, Kansas.
May their souls, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

I had never seen it before, but one of the departed kept a blog. The most recent entry, along with comments, is here.

Amy Welborn has posted about this too, with links to relevant articles.

02 September 2005

Prayers for Our Fellow Students

In my conducting class today, our professor told us that Gonzaga may be accepting some students from Loyola New Orleans. He also said that some faculty members have inquired about spending a semester here. I know that Loyola NO has the largest music department of any Jesuit university in the country, and we are tiny in comparison, but I hope and pray that the doors of Gonzaga's music department will be open to students and professors from our sister school in its time of crisis.

Loyola New Orleans students, faculty, and staff: you have the prayers of those at the other Jesuit universities. I wish it was in my power to offer more concrete assistance. (Actually, if you're a harp student from Loyola, I'd be happy to let you practice on my instrument if you find yourself up here.)

01 September 2005

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...

As Jane has already noted, the new school year is upon us, and for those of us who have studied abroad, we have to get used to being American again (without the -e and accent mark!). Not only do the professors speak in English, I also can't take the metro to school. This is partly a good thing, in that I am no longer forced to listen to bad accordion music.

However, I've not quite got it into my head that I'm not in France anymore. I still say about half of the responses during Mass in French, although I only spent nine months of my whole life saying them. While reading the choir schedule for the next few months, I discovered that we were having a performance at Lourdes, following several days of rehearsals. I, of course, instantly thought of France, forgetting that our cathedral is named Our Lady of Lourdes. Why didn't I hear about this trip before? Shouldn't we already be fundraising?

My red shoes aren't working for taking me back to France.