23 November 2004

Today is the feast of St. Cecilia, important to all musicians. I celebrated by having dinner with my roommates, which is an unprecedented event. I just hope that by eating in the cafeteria I have not subjected myself to what has become known as the GU flu--the gastroenteritis that has raged through campus for the last two weeks. St. Cecilia, in addition to praying for our musical efforts, preserve us from illness!  Posted by Hello

21 November 2004

If You Haven't Seen It...

...go check it out now! I'm referring to a new children's book called Angel in the Waters, which is about a pre-born child. The child talks to his (or her--it's not really specified) guardian angel while in the womb. It's very well done, and the illustrations are beautiful.

The illustrator, Ben Hatke, also belongs to a newish blog called Small Pax Guild, which describes itself as a "group of peculiarly 'Romish' artists." I have added the link at left. Readers of Gilbert may recognize some of the names.

19 November 2004

The Joys of Living With American Accents

Lizzy: ... Si je veux vraiment apprendre l'italien, je peux acheter un grammaire.
Lizzy's Hyper-Cool Roomie: (stares in shock)
Lizzy: Pas grand-mère!!!
Howard Keel, MGM Musical star dies Nov. 7

18 November 2004

Serious Music Nerd Conversations

Jane: ....and we listened to Durufle.
Lizzy: Duraflame!
Lizzy: I <3 him!

08 November 2004

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St. Michael and All Angels
Supreme Leaders of the Heavenly Hosts, we implore you that by your prayers you will encircle us, unworthy as we are, with the protection of the wings of your immaterial glory and guard us who fall down before you and fervently cry: deliver us from dangers, for you are the commanders of the powers above.

To those of you who may be confused, today is the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels in the Eastern Churches. It is a holy day for them. To any Byzantines out there, have a happy, holy day!

02 November 2004


Soul day, soul day, Saul
One for Peter, two for Paul,
Three for Him who made us all.
An apple, a pear, a plum or a cherry,
Any good thing that will make us all merry.

Put your hand in your pocket and pull out your keys,
Go down into the cellar, bring up what you please;
A glass of your wine, or a cup of your beer,
And we'll never come souling till this time next year.

We are a pack of merry boys, all in a mind,
We are come a souling for what we can find,
Soul, soul, sole of my shoe,
If you have no apples, money will do;

Up with your kettle and down with your pan,
Give us an answer and let us be gone

From Brand's "Popular Antiquities," (1777), as sung in Cheshire

(This is not to be confused with the Peter, Paul, and Mary abomination known bizarrely as "A'Soalin'," which is apparently a hybrid of "Hey, Ho, Nobody Home," which is a well-known round, with the Cheshire Souling Song and possibly a Wassailing song. The Souling tradition is quite seperate from the Wassailing tradition, though both involve going from house to house requesting food and/or drink from neighbors. All in all a commendable activity, if you trust your neighbors.)

01 November 2004

We wish you all a blessed solemnity of All Saints. Posted by Hello