27 August 2004

Bear guzzles beer, passes out

Turns out they wanted pic-i-nic baskets instead of hunny pots after all!

26 August 2004

Good Masskeeping

Gavin has a new blog, Ecclesia Militans, focusing on common liturgical abuses and how we can address them in our parishes, among other things. He hopes to make it a place where we can share ideas, so please check it out.

18 August 2004

As Noted on KABL This Morning

We wonder if they only come in 3-packs? Costco test markets caskets

13 August 2004

Act of Consecration to Our Guardian Angel

Angel of God, prince of Heaven, watchful guardian, faithful guide, charitable pastor, I rejoice that God has created thee with so many perfections; that he has sanctified thee by his grace, and crowned thee with glory, after having persevered in his service. May God be praised forever for all he has done for thee. Be thou blessed for all the good thou hast procured me and my companions.
I abandon to thee my body, soul, memory, understanding, will, inclination, and senses. Govern all, dispose of all, purify, enlighten, perfect all. Beg our Lord to shed upon me and my companions his abundant benedictions; that persevering until death in his grace, we may deserve to possess him eternally with thee in glory. Amen.

--from the Manual of the Children of Mary, circa 1930-1935

09 August 2004

You know you're a Catholic Nerd
when you find yourself sitting on your bed at midnight, accompanied by a laptop, a Bible, a Brevarium Romanum, and a Graduale Triplex, trying to point text for the Communion verses for Sunday without the aid of a Latin Bible or the book with the psalm tones in it. I guess if I were a really nerdy nerd, I'd have those books. But I think I've managed to do it anyway. I used the Brevarium because the Communion verses for next Sunday are part of the Magnificat, in case you were curious about that.