01 September 2003

Back Home

Gonzaga really does start to feel like home. I now live with a lot of girls I already know, and more friends are just a five-minute walk away. Dr. Ahrend, our sight-singing teacher last year and this year, hugged Lizzy and me when we saw her in the music building today. She's very nice. Dr. Schaefer already has plans for me to play with the choir at Christmas. It's good to be back.

I suppose my big news is that I'm an aunt...again. My brother and his wife welcomed fraternal twins into the world last Thursday. Italian-Irish kids: Giacomo Connor and Diletta Siobhan. They have a three-year-old brother, Alessandro Liam. This makes three neices and four nephews for me, and my dad is thrilled to have seven grandchildren. Pray for the parents, though; I expect their sanity is going to suffer with a toddler and two infants.

Help With My First Newspaper Article?

I'm going to be writing an opinion piece for The Gonzaga Witness about why music is important to the Catholic identity of Gonzaga, and how the university is handicapping itself by not supporting its performing arts, i.e., build us a proper theater and come to our concerts. It's supposed to be 500 words, but I've only got 250, so if anyone has suggestions especially as to good quotes about why music is important to the Church or to Catholic universities, I'd be grateful.

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