19 September 2003


Yesterday, Gonzaga students voted for class representatives to the GSBA. I almost didn't vote, because I was thinking more about all the classwork I have to make up after being sick for 5 days. I wandered into Crosby heading to check my mail, and was accosted by two female students who asked if I'd voted yet. "It only takes two minutes. You get a cookie if you do."

Wow. I'm being bribed to vote, and with chocolate-chip or peanut-butter cookies no less. The really sad thing is that it worked. It was 11am, and I hadn't had breakfast yet. I was hungry, the cookie was virtually free. It would only take two minutes. Esther would kill me if I couldn't honestly tell her I'd voted for her. So I voted. My friend Esther's name was the only one on the whole ballot that I recognized. I didn't understand any of the ammendments to the GSBA laws, I just circled "yes." There were spaces to write-in candidate names, because the sophomore class is so lazy that there aren't as many people who want to be in student government as there are spaces. Maybe we should just populate California with college sophomores. Then the gubernatorial race wouldn't be a problem. There might only be one candidate, or maybe none at all. Wouldn't that be interesting...

I got my cookie, and went down to check my mailbox, which was empty.

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