08 September 2003


At noon today, eight people stood in the rain in front a statue of our Mother and said the Angelus. It was the best turn out we've had so far this year, probably because today is the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin.

At the Newman-Stein Fellowship meeting last night, there were about fifteen new people. This is excellent. We have a new advisor, Dr. David De Wolf of the Gonzaga Law School, who is also (I believe) the advisor for the Gonzaga Witness, our campus Catholic newpaper. (The newspaper for which I hope to be writing an opinion piece soon, please see post of 1 September.)

I'm very glad it's raining, because in Spokane, rain means it's not hot. Cold is much better than heat. If you're cold, you can always put more clothes or blankets on (yes, I have been known to wear a blanket), but if you're hot, there's only so much you can take off before you scandalize everyone, and even then, you still might be too hot. In addition to this, I'm vain, and winter clothes are more flattering. Reason #3 to like cold weather: people are less likely to want to play sports at social events and more likely to stay inside and talk or watch a movie, both of which are more fun for me than sports (so I guess this makes me selfish in addition to being vain). For teachers, it's good to have weather that's not so good, because students are less likely to be distracted by wanting to go outside and enjoy nice weather. (At the first snow, all bets on this are off. I love snowball fights!)

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