22 September 2003

Mass in a small space

Daily Mass last Saturday was interesting. It's usually held in Jesuit House chapel, but the Jesuits were having a day of prayer, so we had to use one of the side chapels. The side chapel was not bigger than our dorm room: probably about 8x15, and we managed to cram at least 20 people in there. It was pretty amazing to have Mass at such close quarters. I had to stand right at the side of the altar, about three feet from the priest. At the end of Mass, Father commented that it was "like the early Christians." Except for a few of the older and infirm people, we all stood, knelt, or sat on the floor for the whole Mass. I didn't really sit: stuck to kneeling or standing. Overall, it was a pretty special experience. Mass at close quarters is awesome. Mass in a cathedral is awesome. Actually, Mass is just awesome.

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