13 September 2003


Woke up this morning with severe chills, and still had nausea for the fourth day. I was very scared, so called my Mommy, called my RA, and got myself to the Emergency Room at Sacred Heart Hospital. My first time in the ER. They stuck me full of holes, looked at my blood, asked me tons of questions about my symptoms, and put me on an IV. After two hours, the doctor said it was probably just a virus and it was taking me a little longer than normal to recover from it. Not terribly different from what the nurse at the Health Center here told me on Wednesday. The good news is that he gave me a prescription for the nausea, so I won't have to deal with that in addition to being weak and light-headed. Haven't had a real meal since dinner on Tuesday, and very much looking forward to being back on solid food. Hopefully tomorrow.

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