25 September 2003


I have two new keys on my key ring today: the keys to the elevator door and elevator operating system for the music annex, so that I can move my harp without having to check out the keys each and every time.

This means that, in addition to my car keys which I keep separately because I don't use them everyday, I have a key to the outside door of the dorm, a key to my room, a key to my mailbox, and a key to the annex classroom, plus a swiss army knife that I use too often to take it off the ring. Six keys. If I get any more, they won't all fit in my pocket.
I think that the fact that I have to have so many keys is a pretty sad commentary on our society. The classrooms in the music buildings have to stay locked, presumably less someone destroy the piano or steal music stands, or write something untoward on the blackboard. Why would anyone do these things? Or can you think of other reasons why the classrooms would be locked?

I can't leave my harp in a practice room. It might be stolen or harmed in some way. Why? If students are trusted with the pianos in the practice rooms, why not a harp? It's almost as non-portable as an upright piano. After all, have you ever looked inside an upright piano?

We can't leave the exterior door of the dorm unlocked. Some stranger might wander in and peek at the girls in the showers or something. We can't leave our room doors unlocked because our neighbors or their visitors or the janitorial staff might steal all our stuff. My mailbox is locked because someone might steal my mail. I wish people could be trusted to just leave other people's belongings alone. Then, I wouldn't have a pocket full of keys jingle-jangling everywhere I walk. But they're better than remembering numbers for those code-punch-in doors.

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