19 October 2003

Welsh Harp

Since I've begun considering my life as a Celtic harpist apart from my life as a classical harpist, I've been experiencing a resurgance of my interest in Celtic harp. Today, my non-classical harp-nerdiness manifested itself in looking at the website of a woman whose CD I was fortunate enough to purchase in Wales a few years ago. She plays the Welsh triple-strung harp, which is quite different from the harps I play in that it has three rows of strings, as opposed to one. Check out her website, and listen to the MP3 samples of her CD. The sound of a triple harp is very different. Ok, go have fun: Llio Rhydderch.

In case you're wondering, the double-l in Welsh is pronounced roughly like "kl" and the double-d as "th." Or so the guy in the music store told me in 1997.

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