25 October 2003

Chant and the Holy Grail

The concert last night came off without a hitch. The music was fine, no one came in at the wrong time, and nobody fainted. I was a little worried, as I was standing in the spot which the girl who fainted last year had occupied, but nothing went wrong.

After the concert, Lizzy and Gavin and I went downtown to participate in a bit of the local theater's classic film festival. Last weekend, I saw "Singin' in the Rain," and last night, we saw "Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade." That was pretty exciting. It's been six or seven years since the last time I saw that movie, and I'd forgotten a lot of it. When the characters were going to the place where the Grail was, in the Crescent Moon Canyon, Gavin said something about the "Castle Arrrghhh" (wrong Grail movie!) and the guys in the row in front of us picked up on it. One of them quoted a line from the Monty Python flick at a very appropriate moment, but I no longer remember what it was. Give me a break. The movie started at 10pm, and we didn't get home until 12:30! Very fun.

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