16 October 2003

Ambrosian Rite video

For those of you with DSL or other high-speed connections, check out this website which has a video of an Ambrosian Rite Mass, which was celebrated in Rome last May. I haven't watched all of it, but what I saw was cool and the music sounded really good. The altar servers are sort of fidgety, though. It strikes me as slightly odd that this rite would be used in Rome; I have never heard of its use outside of Milan. Not that I really keep up on such things, but I do know that it is only normally used in the diocese of Milan. Perhaps this warrents further investigation.

Thanks to my sweetheart for providing the link. Check out what he has to say for himself at Catholic, Organist, Choir Nerd, now that we've gotten his blog to actually work (I keep telling him to junk the Mac and get a PC, but does he believe me? No).

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