01 October 2003

Loud Franciscans

Mass this evening was said by a conventual (not conventional, he informs us) Franciscan who is here for a year, studying something or other. He's an Air Force chaplain that was brought back from Afghanistan to get another degree. He said he didn't believe our first "Amen" and "and also with you," so he gave a 5-minute speech on how we needed to be excited about being at Mass and then he started all over again. His homily was preached from all up and down the center aisle. He's very... "in your face." He asked questions. I answered one of the questions, and he came over, got down on one knee and gave me a hug and said "God bless you" because, not only did I answer, I actually got it right. (Did Jesus tell his disciples why He was going to Jerusalem? What was going to happen there? Umm, He was going to die.) After Mass (the only 55-minute daily Mass I remember going to), he stood outside the chapel door and greeted all of us. He kissed my hand. That was interesting. (In addition to answering a question, I was also the reader, so I'd introduced myself before Mass.)

He sings very well. I wonder if he's on the schedule for Chant Mass. I'm not really into the interactive homily thing, though, or the homily from the aisle.

Speaking of homilies from the aisle: I saw "Luther" on Friday night. It was tolerable, though I'm not overly familiar with the history, so I probably missed a lot. In the movie, though, Luther was depicted as giving homilies from the aisle of the church. Surely this would not have been done?

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