27 August 2003

Yessss, Preciousss

We doesn't know why, precious, but we bought The Two Towers today. We wants to wait until the Special Edition came out, but no, precious, we wants it. Our sisterses made us do it! She says Orlando Bloom is a sexy beast (onna vanima in elvish, if you like). We likes the music! But we doesn't want to go to Walmart and spend moneys, precious. We doesn't like it. So we stands in line and the filthy thievses takes our moneys! And we doesn't like nassty orcses!

We doesn't like falling victim to sneaksey money-taking companieses who makes us wait long times for the movieses we wants. Yes, precious, they knows how to take moneys. We hopes New Line Cinemas likes their moneys, and uses it to make more fun movieses!

Gollum, Gollum!

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