17 August 2003

Music for Mass today was and will be (I get to sing two Masses, yay!):

Processional: The King of Love My Shepherd Is
Gloria: Said, rather than sung
Psalm and Alleluia: as in "Respond and Acclaim"
Offertory: Gather Us Together
Ordinaries: Mass of Creation
Communion: Behold the Lamb of God
Recessional: I Am the Bread of Life

I felt that "I Am the Bread of Life" was misplaced. It is obviously meant to be for Communion and not as a recessional. Besides which, there's something not right about songs in which we are singing from God's point of view. 10:30 am at St. Joan of Arc in Yountville, CA, and 5:30pm at St. Apollonaris in Napa, CA.

Hey kids, let's play a game!
How many words can we tack the word "faith" onto the beginning of?
Let's see:


Can you think of any more?

(All of the above are actual things Fr. Gordon has said, and says on a fairly regular basis.)

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