28 August 2003

"Accented Passing Tone, Here We Come!" (Lizzy Quoting Fr. Gary)

An accented passing tone, for those of you not in-the-know, is a music theory term denoting a non-chord-tone which is entered by step in one direction and left by step in the opposite direction, and which falls on the beat. For the record, I prefer unaccented passing tones.
As for why we're coming to accented passing tones, well, the fun, stress, and insanity (also known as school) starts next week. I'm leaving to drive to Spokane with my parents tomorrow morning, and will arrive in my new living space on Sunday afternoon. I wonder if I'll be able to get all my crap in there. Actually, at the moment, I'm more worried about getting all my crap in the car and van tomorrow morning. It would all just fit in my one little Subaru, except that we're bringing one Celtic harp (5'x3') and one concert-grand harp (6'2"x4'). Oh boy, oh boy, is tomorrow morning going to be fun. I've got a bet with my parents that we'll have to take everything but the harps out and put it back again at least once. They think we'll get it right the first time, the optimists.

Who's the patron saint of packing?
Hope to be back in the blogging business by late Sunday, or maybe Monday if I'm too busy with how-d'-ye-do's for people I haven't seen since May.

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