21 August 2003

Community Life

Well, as you can see, "Catholic, Musician, Student, in that order" is now plural. My best friend, and, in less than two weeks, my roommate, announced that she wanted a blog, too. I suggested that she join me, since I've been rather at a loss for ideas lately, and since there seem to be so many community blogs around.
From knowing Lizzy's personality, I infer that her posting will be erratic and alternating between nutty and profound. And good luck getting her to explain what she means, because she seems to like being a little mysterious.

How Lizzy and I met:
We are both music majors, and we introduced ourselves while waiting in line for our first academic advisor meeting during the first week of school last year. Later that week, I rather tenatively asked her if she wanted to go to daily Mass with me, thinking, "hopefully she won't think I'm some kind of religious nutcase." She seemed delighted with the idea, and we've generally walked to Mass together ever since, eaten an average of two meals a day together, and just generally been regarded as a single entity by a lot of people. Perhaps being roommates this year will force us to be a bit more independant, because otherwise we might get sick of each other.
Lizzy plays the piano brilliantly and likes to sing. We both sing in the Schola, but she was in the Schola from the beginning of the year and encouraged me to join about two weeks in. She's also in choir, which is fantastic. I follow her around so much that I've become a sort of honorary choir member. (Choirs are almost by defenition cliques.)

Lizzy's a great gal, and I'm proud to share a blog and a dorm room with her.

(Incidentally, I am also grateful to Lizzy for introducing me to my sweetheart. Thank you! *bows repeatedly*)

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