21 June 2003

Today is the feast of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, the patron of youth, after whom the university I attend is named.
So, to any Zags or Gonzaga Alumni out there, and anyone who has attended one of the multitudes of grade schools and high schools or parishes named for St. Aloysius, or if you carry the unusual name of Aloysius, Happy Feast Day!

The funeral I attended this morning was nice. But when I die, I don't want any family members to get up and "say a few words" or "share their memories" of me at the end of Mass. Save that stuff for reception or whatever afterwards. When I die, I'd love to have a Tridentine Mass with a priest in black vestments and lots of incense. Unfortunately, the only place I've ever seen black vestments was in an antique shop. They had a price tag ot $200 and were under a sign that said "vintage textiles." That's just not how vestments should end up.

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