11 June 2003

An article from the Adoremus Bulletin regarding what differentiates sacred music from secular music. Yes! I think we need more priests who were trained as church organists/music directors.

A sad and scary thing happened yesterday. I found out that the father of two girls I went to high school with suddenly collapsed while he was getting ready for work yesterday morning. His youngest daughter, who just graduated from high school, tried CPR, but to no avail. He died. He was not sick, and he was 65 years old. May perpetual light shine upon the soul of Dr. Mohun. He leaves a widow, seven adult children, and a few grandchildren.

Having someone die suddenly is so awful. It really hit home for me, because Dr. Mohun's two youngest daughters are a year older and a year younger than me, and he was exactly the same age as my own father. I couldn't help crying and wondering how I would feel if it had been my Papa, whether I would be brave enough to give him CPR like Madge tried to do for her dad, how my mom would feel if I went back to college in the fall and left her all alone. Dr. Mohun and Papa are the same age. It could just as easily have been Papa. I can only thank God that He has not taken Papa yet, and that I guess Papa will get a chance to enjoy his retirement (we had his retirement dinner tonight). *sigh* I pray for the Mohun family. It is a real loss for them.

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