07 June 2003

The funeral I sang at yesterday was nice. It seems that my friend's grandmother was a regular church-goer (daily Mass) and no one ever remembers her saying an unkind word to anyone. One of the guys who talked about her said that her strongest expletive was "oh dear." Wow. My grandma sure says stronger things than that, even with the grandkids around. The Mass was fine, the priest had a nice singing voice, the church was kinda pretty, except that it didn't have an organ. Of course, everyone held hands for the Lord's Prayer. I thought I would get to escape, as no one was sitting near me, but the accompanist got up from the piano and walked almost 20ft. just to hold hands with me. Ok, there's liturgically inaccurate, and there's just plain goofy. Walking that far just to hold hands with someone falls in the latter category, and it is definitely not dignified. Everyone stood for the Eucharistic Prayer, except for me and a few people who were sitting in the back, who knelt. I noticed that the family in the back who knelt all also received the host on the tongue, rather than in the hand, whereas those who stood almost without exception received in the hand. I wonder if there is a connection...

I feel a sense of accomplishment. I vacuumed my room, which the lady who comes once a week to clean has not done since I've been home. I don't know why. The other mystery involved with vacuuming is why there was so much cat hair in my room. There are several doors in this house which were installed with the specific purpose of keeping cats out of certain parts of the house, and the upstairs is one place they are not supposed to go. So, someone has not been keeping the doors shut, because cats have been upstairs. This is a problem. I also washed my car, washed dishes, and washed and refilled the hummingbird feeders. Dad and I tried to fix my t.v., but were unsuccessful. Looks like we'll have to call a real repairman. There are currently two t.v.'s in my room, one which belongs there and one which used to be at the cabin. Since the cabin sold two weeks ago, and we cleaned everything out, the t.v. came to live in my room. The t.v. that belongs there hasn't worked since before Christmas, and my parents never bothered to get it fixed. It gets neither picture nor sound. The t.v. from the cabin worked just fine while there, but now that I've hooked it up in my room, it gets picture but no sound. A 50% improvement, but useless unless I am going to watch silent films. It wouldn't be so bad if I could get the closed captioning to work, but I can't. And there are hardly ever any silent movies on television, so that's that. I have to fight Dad for the one in the living room. If you are still reading this, you must be either very bored indeed or exceptionally interested in my life. Either way, I worry about you.

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