18 June 2003

I had grilled ostrich for lunch on Sunday. It was different from anything I'd ever tasted, but it was still yummy. Mmmm, Big Bird!

My parents and I went to Mass at a different parish on Sunday. It's in the next town, but it doesn't take any longer to get there than to the parish across town. It's very tiny, not seating more than 150 people, and only has one Sunday Mass in English and one in Spanish, and it supports a mission in the next town up the road from that. (The highway here is dotted with tiny towns that are between one and three streets wide and about two miles long.) At that mission, they have a Latin Mass every 2nd Sunday of the month. This warrents investigation. Unfortunately, I shall not be in town on that day next month, so it shall have to wait until August.

The tiny church is, however, very lovely. It's of traditional shape, has a cream, pink, and dark red color scheme, and "normal" stained glass windows that have pictures and "In Memoriam" inscriptions at the bottom. Unlike the parish in which we are registered, you don't have to play "Where's the tabernacle?" upon entering. It's to the right of the altar, in a prominent alcove, if that's not a contradiction. There is a corresponding alcove on the left with a very pretty statue of Our Lady. My mother liked this. We already know some people who go to that church. I didn't ever expect that my parents would support my decision not to go to Sunday Masses at our current parish to the extent that they would actually leave the parish themselves, but if they feel that way, that's ok.

There has been another death in my little circle of aquaintances; a tenor from the church choir. He had been the choir director before he retired some 15 years ago. He was also skilled as a painter. I have the beautiful card he gave me at my going away to college party last fall. I will miss him. His wife's 80th birthday is tomorrow, and I think it's very sad that he won't be there to celebrate with her and that she won't be in a very celebratory mood, but he's in God's hands now. Rest in peace, Jan Coppenrath. Your talent and humor will be much missed.

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