23 May 2003

you're a harp!

what musical instrument are you, eh?
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Ok, I wasn't going to post goofy quiz results. But I actually got this result, which amuses me, and I think the picture may be of the same model harp that is sitting in the next room. Besides which, hardly anyone ever includes the harp in all these "What instrument are you?" things, which kinda hurts, but I understand. I'm thrilled to see it here. We harpists are a unique breed, set apart from other stringed instruments. I mean, think about it. No one knows what category to put it in. Technically it belongs with plucked strings, but the other inhabitants of that category are the guitar and banjo, which it doesn't really resemble. Harp is closer to a piano than it is to a banjo, thank you very much. It's closest relative is the lyre, but you don't see many of those kicking about nowadays. Probably it's closest relatives after the lyre are the dulcimer family, but you don't see many of those either. And how would you classify a hammered dulcimer anyway? Before I go off completely on interesting stringed instruments or the history, construction, repertiore, and myths and legends of harps, I should probably stop. If you want to pick my brain about harps, post a comment.

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