18 May 2003

*Rant* I wanna talk to my sweetheart and he's not online! And now it's too late to call because his parents will be asleep.

I've been reading odd fanfiction. Someone decided that the Forbidden Forest backs up to Lantern Waste and has been melding the worlds of Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia. He's clever, but this is land where angels fear to tread, and for good reason. Harry Potter stories are not supposed to contain religious imagery, and the Narnia stories are all about religious imagery. I think his fanfiction is betraying both authors. I have to admit, though, that I do like the fact that he has Harry ending up with Ginny instead of Cho. :) But Harry as King of Narnia? Uh, no, I don't think so. Let's leave that to High King Peter, shall we?

Whoa! *sudden realization* Just figured out why High King Peter is named Peter. And Lucy means "light." Good grief. Now I want to go look up the meanings of all the names. Can't believe I've missed that for so long. I guess that's why I'm still a student, now isn't it?

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