09 May 2003

Hello. My name is Alle Psalite. Not really, of course. It's the text of a medieval song that I can't seem to escape from. My fault, I suppose, for hanging around too many choir directors who have a thing for medieval music. I'm starting to develop a thing for medieval music myself. I've just finished my freshman year at a Jesuit university, which is both a good and bad thing, I suppose (the Jesuit bit, I mean). I'll probably write more on that later.
I'm a music major concentrating on harp performance, but have developed a fascination with Gregorian chant and other (good) sacred music to the extent that I expect to do my graduate work in that area. This is provided, of course, that I don't flunk out because I spend too much time talking about the need for liturgical and musical reform in the Church with my other Catholic/music nerd friends. I've taken all the classes on Catholic music that were offered this year--Music of the Catholic Church, Gregorian Chant Seminar, and Gregorian Schola. The Schola sings at our chant Mass every Sunday, and I love it. I'm also slightly obsessed with the teacher of the above classes because he's really cool. This is probably a sufficient introduction for now.
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