20 December 2003

I'm home for Christmas vacation, and so is Lizzy. I don't know how much we'll be posting during the next three weeks. My parents don't approve of spending more than about an hour at a time online unless I have a good excuse, and they wouldn't consider this a particularly good excuse.

Last night, I went to see Golden Bough at the Napa Valley Opera House. It was great fun. I first saw them here in Napa about eight years ago. After seeing and hearing Ms. Butler play and sing, I began begging my parents for a Celtic harp. Six months later, I got one, and some of you have seen and heard the outcome of that. CD #1 was recorded two years ago, and CD #2 has been in planning stages for nearly that long. I'll get around to it eventually. Anyway, I finally got my chance to go up to Margie Butler after last night's performance and tell her that she was my inspiration. She was surprised and happy to hear it, and autographed the CD I'd just bought--their second Christmas album. She wrote "Jane, happy harping!" Sweet. When I got home, I watched the second of the new Horatio Hornblower movies on A&E. And I just finished baking sugar cookes shaped like harps. I'm a pretty happy girl today.

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