01 December 2003

Today's Chant Mass

Ok, by now, everyone who regularly reads this blog knows that we always do the propers of the day, and you all know what website I always link to so you can hear them. So, go do it! For ordinaries, Mass XVIII. We were a little shorthanded (only three women and five men--weird when the guys outnumber us), so only did one polyphonic piece, and that in three parts. Dufay's setting of Conditor Alme Siderum, available at cpdl.org. We alternated with English verses in an attempt for congregational participation.

We also sang Vespers before Mass, as is our Advent and Lent custom. A few people (about five) showed up early to pray with us, and at least two of them were actually singing. This is encouraging. And tonight three people told me they'd forgotten about Vespers and would be there next week. Very good. Carry on. You've all done very well. Thank you, Mr. Grace. Oh, never mind, most of you won't get that.

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