16 December 2003

Miracle on Boone Street

No, it's not Lizzy actually studying for exams, though that might be considered a minor miracle. No, our miracle is far more serious. It's the miracle of the Tape Cross. What is the Tape Cross, I hear you ask? Well, it all started yesterday, when Lizzy was opening her present from her choir Secret Santa (it was an Aragorn action figure, but that is beside the point). As she tore off the tape and place it on her desk, without looking at it while she stuck it to the surface of the desk--I know because I was watching her--the tape stuck together in a cross shape. It was only noticed after a few minutes of exploring the possibilities of the action figure, when Lizzy went to throw the packaging away. The tape was in the form of a beautiful, translucent cross, actually not unlike the one that graces the top of the fountain in front of the altar of our cathedral here.

The Tape Cross has been given a place of reverence on Lizzy's wall above her desk, and is available for veneration to all comers, for a small fee, of course. We believe it is a sign that we will be favored by God in this exam season. Unfortunately, pictures, holy cards, medals, etc. featuring the Tape Cross are not yet available. Money from personal viewings will go toward a camera, film, getting it processed at Safeway, and the subsequent development of a small product line. We will be calling the Vatican as soon as sales, er, um, visitations by the faithful begin to show that the Tape Cross is indeed a miracle.

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