02 January 2010

New Template

As you can see, I've finally upgraded the template. I hope Lizzy doesn't mind.

When Blogger instituted a new template system about two years ago, the links to our archives stopped working. I sort of ignored this, and soldiered on with the old template because I didn't think it mattered and I was too lazy to deal with getting a new template and making appropriate customizations. I've received a complaints from a newer reader (ok, that was about a year ago...) about the lack of access to our archives, though, so I thought it would be appropriate to upgrade our template.

I tried to make the color scheme of the new template match the old color scheme so that our blog is still recognizably ours. Unfortunately all the comments to old posts have been lost, since I can't figure out how to get our old Haloscan account to work with the new blog. The html bit that was added in to the old template gaks the new template, and I can't find a new tag from the Haloscan website: it keeps directing me to the newer JS-kit comment forms that require a login. I don't think that's necessary for this blog since we get so few comments and never have had a problem with either trolls or spam comments.

Let me know if you are aware of a fix for using our old Haloscan account, or if you notice any problems with the new template, spelling errors in the links, etc.

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