23 January 2010

Late to the Party

I just found out that Bishop Patrick Ziemann died last October. He was Bishop of the Diocese of Santa Rosa, where I grew up, from 1992-1999. He resigned amidst much scandal, which also involved a priest who was stationed at my parish at the time. Bishop Ziemann died of pancreatic cancer, at the monastery in Arizona where he had been living for the last several years. He was also once an auxiliary bishop in Los Angeles, where I live now.

There are allegations of various sorts that cover his whole career as a priest and bishop. Probably at least some of them are true. I don't know. I do know that before we knew about all of that, he was well-liked. He was certainly very charismatic and friendly. I remember his visits to my grade school, and how he would quiz the kids on religious topics and give them a nickel if they answered correctly.

I hope that he repented of his sins, and that God will have mercy on his soul. May he rest in peace.

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