04 January 2010


I saw Avatar tonight. Overall, I liked it. It was a little preachy, but at the same time it would be easy to take away any number of messages from it, if you wanted to. I chose to take a pro-life message from it: it's not ok to kill people because it's convenient for you or because you think it will make your life better or easier.

The special effects were pretty good, although I'm not sure I appreciated the full extent of them because we got there a little late and had to sit in the front row. The world-building was interesting. I don't think the second set of wings on those flying beasts would be very aerodynamic in reality. I'm also not at all sure how all of the blue people got onto the flying mountain. They can't all ride on the flying critters, and surely they don't all climb? Or was the special tree actually on the ground, beneath the flying mountains? I'm not sure.

Also, why do the creepy soldiers always have that accent, and why are they so hard to kill? And by the way, the whole "You're an impostor and you betrayed my people!" gag is a little overdone. Still, I thought it was worth the price of admission, and I would love to see a bunch of bioluminescent plants like that in real life.

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