09 October 2007

Churches of Los Angeles

Here are some pictures of St. Brendan's Catholic Church on 3rd St.

Unfortunately, the altar is rather small for the space, and there's little to draw the eye to it. It's a fairly pretty church, but could do with some renovation work in the sanctuary. There is a lot to work with, though--pretty woodwork, traditional structure, gorgeous stained glass, a decent-looking organ, and just look at those light fixtures! There are a few odd things about the church, the most striking of which is the the choice of holy water fonts by the doors: they're all tiny table-top fountains, water bubbling out of the top of a square piece of stone with a Celtic knot engraved on the front--the sort of thing you'd expect to find in a catalogue that also sells Book of Kells tea towels and Irish flag suncatchers. There's also a surplus of greenery, literally plants everywhere. A pretty place, but I'm not sure I'd feel entirely comfortable going to Mass there.

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