10 August 2006

Hitting the Road Again

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go! Tomorrow my parents and I drive down to L.A. and collect the key to my new apartment. We have the freight elevator reserved for Friday morning (fancy stuff) so we move the furniture in then, except for the furniture which is being delivered, which of course we don't have to carry ourselves.

We decided at the last minute that my cat gets to come too. This necessitated picking up her medical records from the vet and buying her a harness, since taking her out of the apartment will require a leash. She models it for you below, sort of:

Looks happy about it, doesn't she? Actually, she always looks about like that. Despite appearing perpetually ticked-off, she's an affectionate animal, and I will be glad to have a warm furry critter to cuddle up with when I come home at night. I think she'll adjust pretty well to apartment life, since she's shown almost no interest in going outside in the last two years.

I'm very excited about the move. I'm also welcoming any suggestions for decent parishes in Los Angeles. Surely someone, somewhere, chants? I'll be living in the city of Los Angeles itself, but am willing to drive up to 45 minutes to go to Mass. (If all else fails, I'll hang out at an Eastern Catholic parish.)

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