07 August 2006

Flash of Brilliance

As my family wended its way toward brunch at a local country club, my mother read aloud a note in the bulletin that the Knights of Columbus were putting on a pancake breakfast at a local parish. This amused us, because the Knights of Columbus in East Durham, NY put on a pancake breakfast every single Sunday (now that's dedication!). Recalling the ubiquitous K of C pancake breakfast prompted my brain into action, and after a moment's cogitation, this is what it produced:

Knights of Columbus Pancake Mix.

It could be packaged and sent in bulk to each outpost of the Knights (instant pancake breakfast for your parish! just add water!). They could sell smaller boxes at the breakfasts for those weekdays or Saturdays when you're just craving some good pancakes, to raise money so that the Knights can send pancake mix and other nutritious foods to homeless shelters and third-world countries. There would be a brief history of the Knights on the back of the box, a reminder not to consume pancakes within an hour before Mass if intending to receive the Eucharist, and maybe a form the gentleman of the house could fill out and send in to get more information about how to become a Knight. They could even make different flavors of pancake mix--imagine going to breakfast in your parish hall and having a choice of regular, blueberry, or chocolate chip (which I don't like, but have heard some people do).

(Now, of course, someone will tell me that someone else has already thought of this, but I don't care. It would still be a good idea, right?)

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