25 April 2006

Look at Those Happy Catholics!

This photo is from the front page of this week's Gonzaga Bulletin. That's me in the glasses, on the far right. The white and gold balloons in the background are a balloon arch that's partly blown over. The John Paul II Fellowship set up a table for "Pope Day" (the anniversary of Pope Benedict's election--or as the Bulletin misprinted, "Pope Benedictine XVI") and handed out hotdogs, soda, and 1-page condensed versions of Deus caritas est.

Our t-shirts rocked, too. As you can see, the pope was on the front, and the back said "I ♥ My German Shepherd." The Student Body Association paid for 130 free shirts for us to hand out, which were gone by 10:30am. By 3pm, we had three full pages of names of students--and faculty--who wanted a pope t-shirt. I don't know where the Fellowship is going to dig up the $4 per shirt to make sure the second printing of shirts is free, but we'll manage.

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