23 February 2006

Warning: blatant advertising

Do You Know Any Musically-Inclined High Schoolers?

If you do, and if they can muster up $450 and a way to get to Spokane this June, please tell them about Gonzaga Choir Camp 2006: the place where faith and music meet!

Those who attend the camp will:
Have the opportunity to learn and perform music from the Jesuit Missions in South America which is not often heard.

Sing concerts and Masses at Jesuit Missions in the Northwest: Cataldo Mission in Idaho, and St. Ignatius in Montana.

Sing at a Mass for the International SERRA Convention.

Meet and engage in fun activities with other students who share their interest in faith and music.

The camp will be on the campus of Gonzaga University, home of one of the best choral programs in the western US! It will be directed by Gonzaga's choir director, Dr. Edward Schaefer, who holds a DMA in Sacred Music from Catholic University of America, is a recognized authority on Gregorian Chant, and a Deacon of the Roman Catholic Church. The camp counselors will be drawn from Gonzaga's choral students (like Lizzy and me).

Come sing, pray, and have fun with us!

P.S. I promise that the weather at the end of June will be much better than the current 15-feels-like-negative-1 degrees.

(Blogger lost this post from last week, so I am re-posting it.)

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