23 February 2006

A Big Deal

Though I am not formally a member of the Diocese of Spokane, I have been residing in it for nearly four years, and will probably always have some attachment to what goes on here. So, for me, as for all the diocese, this is a big deal: the Missionaries of Charity have arrived in Spokane. Four sisters will take up residence in St. Patrick's parish. The welcome Mass, Eucharistic procession, and dinner will be tonight. Unfortunately, I'm unable to attend (fie on choir rehearsal!). Still, it should be something. The young pastor of St. Patrick's (an alumnus of Gonzaga and the NAC [2000]) has been working hard to bring the good sisters to the Northwest, and he's finally accomplished his goal. Apparently, there are no other Missionaries of Charity in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho.

Bishop Skylstad may not be the best bishop in the world (*grumbles* doesntallowindultMasses), but some good things are happening in Spokane.

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