12 March 2005

Twenty Things Jane and Lizzy Have Done That Their Readers Probably Haven't

Jane has...
1. Sung chant in the chapel at Solesmes.
2. Stayed at a Basilian convent (in Olympia, WA).
3. Worn my school uniform to a pro-life rally in Sacramento.
4. Sung for a Mass at Mundelein Seminary--and boy were they suprised to hear girls' voices from the loft!
5. Along with my harp, been offered a ride by a Jewish bodhran player.
6. Been sent a free dessert at a French restaurant in NYC by the owner (who was actually from France), just because I was from Napa Valley.
7. Asked my mother if I could take a picture of a kosher butcher in Albany, NY, because I thought he looked like Lazarwolf.
8.Had it suggested to me that I star in a kind of Irish stepdancing-meets-martial arts picture, and call it "Enter the Leprechaun."
9. Been given a crossbow on the occasion of my graduation from high school.
10. Had over 50 limericks and 20 sonnets written about me, though none have been published.

Lizzy has...
1. Bought books on the Templars in French (and is actually able to understand them! Finally!)
2. Sung Francoise Hardy songs with a beggar at Chartres (in the snow!)
3. Been hit on by a Louvre Guard
4. Been in an opera company commercial
5. Stood in line for hours at Opera Bastille for a 9€ Magic Flute ticket
6. Seen Josh Groban at Mass at Notre Dame
7. Waltzed at Mont-St-Michel
8a. Said Morning Prayer on the Metro
8b. Seen priests saying the office on the Metro
9. Played in the snow in Paris. Apparently this is the first snow they've had in Paris in ten years.
10. Sung with the CGP.

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