22 January 2004

Today is the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. According to some counts, 43 million babies have been killed in the past 31 years. I have been robbed of a third of my generation. They will never say their first words, take their first steps, go to kindergarten, take piano lessons, graduate from college, become teachers, doctors, lawyers, priests, nuns, artists, architects, musicians, businessmen, or have children of their own. They will never have the chance to change the world. They do not even have names.

I'm going to go say the Rosary now. I hope you will do the same sometime today, because Our Lady is the Protectress of the Unborn.

On a mundane note, I'm fed up with BlogOut comments and have switched to Haloscan. Fortunately, previous remarks don't seem to have disappeared from my archives. Unfortunately, Haloscan doesn't have the nifty eyebrow-raising smilie.

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