22 November 2003

The Feast of St. Cecilia

Happy feast day to all you musicians out there! Lizzy and Gavin and I will be celebrating by going to the recital of one of our friends this afternoon and generally having some fun.

My inside source at Nashville has told me how the Sisters of St. Cecilia will be celebrating the feast of their patroness. She says they awoke to the sound of one of the sisters playing the organ full throttle, sang Lauds, and had a truly elevating Mass. This evening the novitiate sisters will perform a sort of operetta they have written on the life of St. Cecilia. It sounds as though they are being very true to the spirit of their lovely patroness!

She also offered a quote from St. Therese on St. Cecilia:
"Everything in her thrilled me, especially her abandonment, her limitless confidence which made her capable of virginizing souls who had never desired any other joys but those of the present life. Her life was nothing else but a melodious song in the midst of the greatest trials, and this does not surprise me because, 'the Gospel rested on her heart,' and in her heart reposed the Spouse of Virgins!"

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