18 November 2003

Concert Night

I think that when Dr. Spittal decided to call tonight's band concert "Autumn Winds," he had no idea how appropriate it would be. It is indeed quite the blustery day. They are playing a selection from Carmina Burana, a few Percy Granger pieces, a suite based on three Celtic songs (march, air, and reel), and the chamber winds are playing something or other. I'm accompanying on harp for the Celtic Suite and one of the Granger pieces, so I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off since 11am, taking my harp to the theater downtown (curse not having a theater on campus!), going to my harp lesson, skipping Latin class.... My harp teacher applauded me for skipping Latin to move the harp. I've got my priorities straight, apparently. I wonder if Fr. Krall would agree?

Must be off. Got to get organized since I'm leaving here around 4pm and won't be back until at least 9pm. Wish me luck!

P.S. Prayers for a friend's father would be appreciated. He is in the hospital and is seriously ill, but she says they don't know what's wrong with him.

Update: The concert was pretty good, considering that our conductor missed the two rehearsals before the concert because he had to go to his mother's funeral in Ohio, and the percussionists were having issues, and one of the trumpet players didn't see the part until about four days before the concert, and neither the harpist, pianist, percussionists, or said trumpet player had rehearsed with the band before the dress rehearsal. I think we did a respectable job, and had a respectable sized audience.

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