19 February 2011

Hymnals, Too

I actually started work on an index for my fantasy hymnal last night, beginning with excerpting everything worthwhile from the two hymnals that were already next to me: Worship III and Gather.

I can report that I took about a third of the hymns that are in Worship. Note that the hymns make up about a third of the book, and I only took a third of them. So, by my calculations, 1/9th of the book is worth using. No reason for it to be as fat and heavy as it is.

Almost anything worthwhile from Gather is duplicated in Worship, so only two additional hymns from Gather made it onto my list.

Next I will more thoroughly examine the Adoremus hymnal, but I suspect I will not have many additions from that corner. I think there's hardly anything in Adoremus that isn't also in Worship; the Adoremus hymnal is kind of like a Worship hymnal with all the bad stuff taken out, and a decent order of Mass in English and Latin inserted, which is why it is half the size and a third of the weight of Worship.

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