30 June 2009

Urgent Prayer Request

A very dear friend of ours, who lives in our building and hitches a ride to Mass with us almost every Sunday, was mugged and shot in the chest last night, about half a mile from where we live. She was house-sitting for a friend, and had gone out to run an errand. She is in the hospital in critical care--the bullet punctured her esophagus and one of her lungs. Pray for her speedy return to health, and for the man or men who perpetrated this crime against her.

Women and girls--I beg you, do not go out alone at night! We live in a good neighborhood. A lot of people walk around at night. Children live here. But it is not safe, especially for a petite young woman who was alone after dark. We were with her just an hour before--she could have asked us for a ride, but she didn't. Again, I beg you, no matter how safe you think your neighborhood is, do not go out alone at night!

Our friend's name is Rosario. It might be appropriate to ask her patroness, Our Lady of the Rosary, to intercede for her faithful daughter.

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