21 June 2009

Brick by Brick

First of all, some congratulations are in order to a dear friend of both Lizzy's and mine. Our former schoolmate Joe is now Father Joe. You can read an interview with him here. Even before he entered the seminary, we called him "Cardinal" because he knew so much about the faith. (Seriously. Should Fr. Z ever retire from blogging, I think Joe could fill his shoes.) May God be with you, Father Previtali!

Second of all, last night my husband and I went to dinner at the rectory. We discussed Friday night's Solemn High Mass with our pastor. He was very impressed by how beautifully the visiting Norbertines said the Mass, and also by how well-attended it was. (This is the second time we've had a Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form, and we had a packed house both times.) Monsignor expressed an interest in learning to say Low Mass in the Extraordinary Form, and asked one of the Norbertines, who was at dinner, how long he thought it would take to learn. Please keep this in your prayers, that Monsignor will follow through with his interest in learning the Extraordinary Form! It can only be a good thing for more priests to learn it.

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