06 November 2007

Prayer Request

A friend of mine, L., told me last spring that she would not be returning to work this fall, but did not tell me why. She's the sort of person who is quite reserved about her private life. This weekend, a mutual friend told me why L. isn't working this fall. L. and her husband welcomed twin daughters recently, but the initial joy of the discovery of pregnancy last spring was marred by the fact that L. is about 48 years old--the pregnancy was extremely high risk, and I guess she didn't want to tell anyone because she was afraid they'd lose the babies. Both girls were born alive, but very premature, and as often happens in such situations, one baby is smaller and weaker than the other. I was told that both infants are or have been on respirators, and that they are still unsure whether the smaller girl will make it.

Please pray for L. and her husband and their babies. It is a terrible thing when the birth of a child is not the unadulterated joy that it should be because of illness. Pray for the survival and health of the twins, and the patience and mental health of their parents in this very difficult time.

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