02 November 2007

Musicology Conference, Quebec City, Part I

Games to play when you get bored:

"Spot the Musicologist"--one or more players, a good one to play at the airport. The rules are self-explanatory. Extra points for spotting someone who wrote something you read for a class once. Double points for spotting someone who doesn't appear to be dressed like a musicologist, but who you see at the conference later.

"Guess the Session/Reception"--one or more players. With the conference book in hand, guess which paper sessions or receptions the people you really want to see will be attending. If you guess right, you proceed to the next round. If you guess wrong, you've lost a networking opportunity.

"Catch His/Her Eye"--round two of "Guess the Session/Reception." Having found the person you wanted to talk to, you must now get his or her attention. This is especially difficult if the person you want to talk to is the head of a committee, editor of a major publication, or just plain popular. If you speak to them and they speak back, you win. If they actually use your name at some point or remember meeting you before, double points (unless they work at your school).

If you're really bored, you can always do what I did this afternoon: play hookey. I did a bit of exploring in vieux Quebec today, and when I get home I'll post the pictures I took of the Basilica. It's awfully small for a basilica, but very ornate, and I was privileged to hear the organist practicing a really impressive piece on their 1927 Casavant organ. I'll go to Mass there tomorrow evening (I didn't arrive in time for Mass yesterday--apparently All Saints isn't a day of obligation in Canada--and I'll be traveling on Sunday). A friend went to the noon Mass there today, and she told me the priest celebrated very elegantly and carefully. Hopefully I get to see the same priest.

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